About Us

About Us

At The Travel Warehouse we utilise our personal knowledge and experience to plan tours with you in mind. Our mission is to design journeys that we, as travellers, would ourselves want to take – leaving out all the tedious and boring bits. In our youth we’ve travelled the world arriving into cities late at night with nothing pre-arranged, battling bureaucracy and language barriers to prove that we could do it on our own, but in later years we’ve grown a little older and hopefully a lot wiser.

We continue to explore new places for our clients and we don’t sell a destination unless we’ve checked it out ourselves. With many years of travel experience, we’ve sorted out all the hassles for you.

It takes years and personal experiences to really get to know a place in detail, its people and how it works and our first-hand destination knowledge helps us build fabulous small group tour experiences that are hassle free, informative and relaxing experiences for you.

Our tours are hosted and guided to ensure that your trip is fun, memorable, stress free and enjoyable including specialist tour hosts.

We give our clients flexibility of no set return flight dates after the tour concludes. Most clients take advantage of this to extend their time away.

We are local and an independent owned travel company specialising in unique tours to special places. We also offer in house travel planning to help you with all post tour arrangements, flights and anything else you need for your holiday. 

As an independent company, we are not contracted to set suppliers allowing us to be as flexible as you need.

We are also the only company to give solo travellers the same price as twin share (on FloraTours and Classic Tours if prepared to share a room with someone of same gender). You may choose to travel by yourself - BUT you will not be travelling alone.

Unique tours, Special places. Enjoy unique and inspiring small group tours to some of the most fascinating and special places worldwide.

We can provide you with a custom made solution. Despite our large range of tours, possibly there’s something extra your group needs? We are dedicated to providing innovative, high quality group tours, outstanding customer service and great value for money. We work closely with you to gain an understanding of your tour objectives. 

Itineraries are detailed, carefully timed and cover specific areas of interest for your group. From the initial itinerary discussions, through to our comprehensive final document packs, we take pride in the level of customer service we provide to our clients. 

Whether you have a specific itinerary in mind or just a few ideas about the types of places you'd like to visit contact us to discuss your requirements further. We can undertake arrangements for groups from 8 to 200.

Our customers include, amongst others...

Tour operators

Sporting & social clubs

Travel agents

Private group organisers

Education Professionals

Universities, colleges and schools

Family reunions


Church, pilgrimage and religious groups

Choir and music groups

Special interest groups

Get a group together and become a group coordinator, host or ambassador

What are the roles of Group Coordinator, host and Tour Ambassadors?

As a Group Coordinator you may benefit from a free place on the tour and also have the opportunity of tailoring and help organise the itinerary of your exclusive tour to include additional visits, extra nights or group meals. You would need a minimum of 15 people travelling together in your group. Your free place is the 16th and is a share twin on the tour itself (excluding flights). You would act as the single point of contact with us for your group members, collect registration forms, coordinate payments and distribute information to the group. As Tour Host you are responsible for the management of the day by day arrangements while on the tour. We make all the tour arrangements in advance of the tour and these are reconfirmed, so your role is just to look after the clients on tour and that everyone sticks to the schedule. We have a local agent on call at each country in the event of any difficulties while on tour and we employ local guides for sightseeing at locations. A Tour Host may also be a Group Coordinator and as such have a free tour, plus free group flights. As a Tour Ambassador you receive a $100 tour discount in exchange for a list of tour participants (with a minimum of 15 confirming). The task is simply a question of choosing a tour and forwarding us names and contact details of the others (up to 45) who may want to book onto the tour. Upon receipt of this, we will manage all communications directly with each individual booking, answering any questions about the tour directly and taking payments taken over the phone.

Which role fits you best…

In all instances you will benefit from being on a tour of your choice with like-minded people, benefitting from the competitive rates associated with a group booking. The starting point is to promote the tour within your area of interest. To assist you in presenting the tour to interested parties, we can provide a promotional tour leaflet, electronic images for a Presentation or even share your social media posts on the subject. We’re here to help you any way we can.

What if minimum numbers are not achieved for the tour I am promoting/organising?

There are options: 1) to have the tour repriced for a smaller group size, which will result in a supplement to the remaining tour members, or 2) you can arrange for us to take over the selling of the remaining tour places by opening sales up to other regions, groups and individuals. This would mean that the tour would no longer be exclusive to the original group and pick up points will need to accommodate all passengers. Whilst this would exclude free or discounted places, it does have the advantage of giving the tour the best chance or running. Or 3) the tour goes ahead with you paying your share of costs – subject to minimum numbers.

Responsible Tourism
We firmly believe in RESPONSIBLE TOURISM and support the following values…
We affirm the standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism) that tourism businesses and destinations should adopt the following practices:

  • Minimising negative effects of tourism on local communities and environment.
  • The protection of children and the vulnerable.
  • Demonstrating effective sustainable management practices.
  • Giving back to the local communities by supporting local operators and providing associated aid initiatives where appropriate.
  • Protecting the global environment, ethnic groups, historic sites and cultural heritage by minimising negative impacts.